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Buy a Brick and create a legacy for Newport

The Medieval Pottery Kiln buried beneath the stage at Newport Memorial Hall has been described as the “best preserved medieval kiln in the UK” and a site of national significance. We are now embarking on a once in a lifetime opportunity to undertake vital conservation work on the Kiln and open it up to the public. But we still need extra funds to achieve the full potential of this opportunity.

The project will:

  • create a first class interactive visitor attraction, telling the story of the Kiln and bring medieval Newport to life.
  • stimulate the local economy by drawing in around 15,000 new visitors to Newport.
  • generate an exciting education programme which will give local children and all ages a chance to explore their history with a range of events that will bring the community together.

Please part of the legacy!

By buying a commemorative brick with your name, your family, the name of a lost loved one, or your company name, you can create your very own legacy which will be set in stone forever.

Your brick will be featured in the newly renovated Kiln area at Newport Memorial Hall.

Bronze, silver and gold plaque corporate packages are also available.

If would like to discuss these packages, contact Siobhan Ashe 0r 07772004218

Single brick

210x105x50 mm

2 lines for name and message (16 characters)

Double brick

210x210x50 mm

4 lines for name and message (16 characters)

Slate paver


4 lines for name and message (16 characters)

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