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Whither Wales

Meeting to discuss the future for Wales.


A meeting to look at an important new law for Wales, and to consider the direction Wales should go in will be held on 28th May in Newport Hall.


The new law is the Wellbeing of Future Generations act, which will be closely followed by new legislation for planning and for managing the environment.


The wider context will be discussed too: The endless reductions in public spending, the risks brought by climate change such as influxes from wealthy as well as poor countries and the growing power of corporations and developers.


The Party of Wales, organising the meetings believes we need to confirm our vision for Wales first in order to work towards it. We need greater awareness and power at community level to choose and follow our own path in the turbulent times ahead.


The new law obliges all public bodies to take decisions to benefit future as well as present generations. It is a world first and eminent representatives of the United Nations and European governments attended its launch in Wales. It became law on April 29th.


“The law applies to government ministers, local authorities, cultural bodies and education and health trusts etc .They must all follow the sustainable development principle in their work:


‘the sustainable development principle means that the body must act in a manner which seeks to ensure that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’


If used well the law should protect the future and reduce short term and futile decisions.

Change is happening across the world at breakneck speed, and the UK has changed shape politically. It is time Wales woke up to the choices before us and took the reins. The Assembly elections next year are also a major opportunity to improve government, as it is elected more democratically using some proportional representation.


Vicky Moller 01239 820971/ 07791 809 810




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